Hundreds of refugees are resettled each year in the Triad of North Carolina after fleeing persecution in their own home countries. They often arrive with little to no English, limited familiarity with U.S. culture, and no financial resources. Their resettlement journey is long and full of challenges.

But you can make that journey easier.

Volunteer to support newcomers as they rebuild their lives. Continue the over 40-year tradition of welcoming refugees to Greensboro.


Form a Welcome Team

Welcome Teams set up and furnish apartments so that newly-arrived refugees have a prepared home for them when they arrive in Greensboro. Check out the Home Supply List to see what items are included in a home setup!

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Be a Conversation Partner

Overcoming English-language barriers is one of the key challenges many refugees face. If you are a fluent English speaker, you can make a difference. Practice making doctor's appointments, saying basic English phrases, and reading utility bills.

Interested in sponsoring a refugee family?

Community sponsorship allows neighbors like you to be on the frontlines of responding to the global refugee crisis and welcoming families into safety and hope in our community.
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Get started today by filling out this application form. You'll be able to share with us the different types of volunteer activities that fit best with your schedule and interests.

Our priority is making impactful, meaningful connections between refugees and welcoming community members.

**This form is for individual volunteers and Welcome Teams only. If you are interested in cosponsorship, please fill out this interest form and sign up for this cosponsor training.

Volunteer Sign-up

We ask some volunteers to help us document all the ways that you support refugee neighbors. This allows us to show federal partners that the local community is invested in welcoming refugees! Fill out Case Notes by clicking on this button:

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