Welcome Teams

Refugees arrive in the U.S. needing to regain a sense of safety and belonging. A warm, safe, and furnished home is the first step on that journey.

You can ensure that these newcomers arrive to a fully-furnished and equipped home as soon as they step off the plane at PTI Airport. 

Welcome Teams are groups of friends and neighbors who join together to transform an empty apartment into a home.

| How it Works

  1. Gather. Rally a group of friends--maybe from your faith community, neighborhood, or civic club--to join your Welcome Team.
  2. Sign Up. Email Zoe Maani (CWSG Volunteer Coordinator) that you have a group ready to go!
  3. Orientation. Zoe provides a virtual orientation to the Welcome Team leader to clarify any questions and provide support!
  4. Notification. Zoe notifies you when a family is arriving and in need of a Welcome Team. (Groups usually have 2-3 weeks notice, sometimes less and sometimes more.)
  5. Collect. While CWSG staff secure the apartment, your Welcome Team collects and/or purchases household items from the Home Supply List.
  6. Setup. Arrange transportation to move all of the collected items into the home.

| Need help finding furniture?


The Barnabas Network is a wonderful partner to CWSG and a great, local resource for vulnerable people in our community trying to rebuild their lives. Welcome Teams can shop for furniture and household items at their warehouse--and then set up a time for them to deliver!