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Greensboro has been welcoming refugees for over 40 years, and Church World Service Greensboro (CWSG) is proud to work every day to keep that tradition alive! CWSG established its Greensboro resettlement office in early 2009, partnering with the local community to provide comprehensive support to newly arrived refugees through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. When refugees arrive in our community, they have lost their home, country, family, and friends after fleeing persecution. As they rebuild their lives, we help them navigate their new community and access all the wonderful things that Greensboro has to offer. Services include basic needs support, case management, cultural orientation, health access assistance, intensive job preparation and placement services and career-building support, volunteer mentorship, and immigration legal services.

In 2019, we also hired our first Refugee Community Organizer to support refugee and immigrant leadership development, empowerment, and civic engagement among our newest neighbors. CWSG seeks to nurture a community where refugees and immigrants have the skills and confidence to use their voice--and where the larger community has the curiosity, love, and justice to listen!

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