Hope & Opportunity

Simeon arrived to a refugee camp in Rwanda with his parents and siblings when he was just six years old. Now, nearly thirty years later, he and his wife and four children are finally beginning their new lives in Greensboro.

Simeon described his feelings during his first days and weeks in America as “very, very, very, very happy.” A big part of this happiness, Simeon said, was reuniting with his parents, siblings, and in-laws, who had also arrived to Greensboro from Rwanda over the past year. But another thing that made these first moments so special for Simeon and his family, he commented, was the abundance of support they received from their CWS case managers and volunteers. CWS volunteers helped the family with free temporary housing during their first weeks in Greensboro, made sure the fridge and pantry were stocked with fresh food and essentials, gathered furniture for the family’s new permanent housing, and provided regular transportation to school and family appointments.

Now, six months after their arrival, Simeon feels settled in. His family is enjoying their new home, the older kids are having fun at school, and he and his wife have jobs to support their family. Still, Simeon noted that their biggest challenge was coordinating their two jobs, school, errands, and appointments without a car. “If I don’t have a car, how can I manage my life? How can I manage my time?” But then Simeon smiled as he shared that his family had just received a donated minivan from one of our partners in Greensboro after being referred by their case manager.

Simeon is excited about the new life he and his family are building in Greensboro, and he looks forward to his next goals of earning his CDL and owning a home.