Community Organizing



Our team aims to empower immigrant and refugee communities to defend against anti-refugee and anti-immigrant proposals while proactively making a positive impact on their lives.

Refugees’ and immigrants’ participation in the democratic process is fundamental to building a more inclusive society. However, civic engagement can be daunting for former refugees, who often come from corrupt and violent political systems, and may have faced political persecution.

In response, our team provides culturally and linguistically relevant education, outreach, and leadership development to build confidence and political power within this demographic. This work is centered on realizing the personal power and agency of refugees, immigrants, and their supporters by organizing, empowering leaders, and achieving systemic change.

Leadership Development

Refugee community organizing equips refugee and immigrant community leaders to develop leadership skills, advocate for their right to belong, and build partnerships that create a more equitable, inclusive society.

We believe that our Greensboro community is strongest when we invest in diverse leaders to share their stories, advocate for their right to belong, and build community support networks.

True progress can only be achieved when immigrants and refugees shape the policies, programs, and public opinions that impact their lives.

Get Involved

Please reach out to our Community Organizer, Yathrip Abdelgadir to learn more about our work and learn how you can join in on refugee and immigrant advocacy work in the Triad area.


Everyone has a right to seek safety and dignity, no matter what we look like or where we come from.


Collective Actions


Advocate for Welcoming Policies

Advance legislation that will positively impact immigrants’ and refugees’ lives, and push back against policies that harm refugee resettlement efforts and reduce protections for refugees, asylees, unaccompanied minors, and other immigrants.


Change the Public Narrative of Immigrants and Refugees

By sharing our unique stories and highlighting the significance of creating inclusive communities, local and national media can reinforce the humanity and dignity of refugees & immigrants.

We do this in various ways, including:

  • Media interviews
  • Op-eds
  • World Refugee Day

Empower Immigrants & Refugees Through Leadership Development

We train and develop emerging refugee and immigrant leaders to advocate for themselves and their communities.