Family Reunification

Every day around the world, war, persecution, and conflict forcibly separate families. Sometimes individuals resettle in the United States thinking that a spouse, child, or parent is dead--only to find out later that their loved one is alive. This separation causes immense emotional, physical, and social distress to individuals and families. CWSG provides support services to assist eligible refugees and immigrants to apply for family members to join them in Greensboro.

Together, we can help reunite families. 


| Types of Family Reunification Support at CWSG

Central American Minor (CAM) Program

The CAM Program provides a pathway for children in the Northern Triangle (Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador) to join their parents in the United States. Parents must be documented to apply for their children to join them.

*Only Refugee Resettlement Agencies can submit CAM  petitions*

Email to Request CAM Services/ Envíe un email para pedir una cita

Affidavits of Relationship (AORs)

AORs allow newly-arrived refugees to petition for immediate family to join them in the United States. You must apply within 5 years. Speak to your CWSG Case Manager today about filing an AOR.

*Only Refugee Resettlement Agencies can submit AOR petitions*

Legal Services

In addition to the family-reunification petitions that must be submitted by resettlement agencies, CWSG's Immigration Legal Services team offers a handful of additional legal services to help reunite immigrant families.

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