Job Class Tutor: (2-4 Tuesdays and Thursdays) Currently filled 

CWS offers employment readiness classes to all newly-arrived refugees . Job class provides students the knowledge to prepare for future employment and focuses on topics including worker’s rights, employer expectations, how to apply for jobs in person and online, interview skills, resume preparation, budgeting and stress management.

Citizenship Class Tutor or Teacher: Currently filled

CWS offers citizenship classes to all immigrants who are eligible for U.S. citizenship. Students must be green card holders to enroll in class. Citizenship class covers all areas of the naturalization interview Civics/US History and English language requirements. Classes have an ESL component and are taught in English.

A new round of citizenship classes begin in April. The class schedule for citizenship classes are as followed:

Greensboro                                    High Point

MW 11:15am-1:15pm          TR 5:30pm-7:30pm

MW 6:30pm-8:30pm

TR 9:00am-11:00am

A separate training is required to volunteer in citizenship classes

Interview prep tutors: Ongoing as needed

Are you interested in assisting a new arrival with prepping for their citizenship interview? We are looking for a pool of volunteers who would like to be added to a list of available volunteers for this opportunity when needed. There is no set date and time for this opportunity, if interested you will be contacted when their is a client who needs interview prepping, if available you and the client will determine a day to meet. Meeting times are flexible it can be at night or on weekends. The prepping normally takes anywhere from an hour-hour and a half. You will be given materials to go over with the client.

ESL Tutor : Ongoing as needed 

Would you like a chance to be an English tutor to a newly arrived refugee in their home? We are starting a new in home ESL program in July and are looking for volunteers who are interested. This is a 3 months commitment (although you are welcome to continue past three months if you’d like). Volunteers must be available a minimum of two hours each week to tutor but are welcome to do more.

Ride the bus with a client to an appointment: Not available at this time

Would you like to help a client get to an appointment? We have an ongoing need for volunteers to ride the bus with clients to their appointments. Places such as: The DMV, DSS, Department of Public Health, etc…

Home Set-up Volunteer: Not available at this timewebsite photos

Help set up a home for a refugee family who has not had one in a very long time. We can ALWAYS use extra hands on deck to help us set up apartments. Home set ups typically occur during our business hours

 To volunteer with CWS complete the online Volunteer Registration to attend an orientation session.

To learn more, please contact our office’s Volunteer Coordinator at volunteernc@cwsglobal.org

A Note about Fulfilling Required Volunteer Hours:

If you have a set number of volunteer hours to complete for a class or assignment, thank you for considering doing those hours with our agency! However, understand that we do not always have placements readily available that will meet your needs. Our volunteer opportunities are based on the needs of our clients and the availability of our staff to train and supervise

**Our office does not provide court related volunteer hours at this time**


Case Notes

It is very important for us to document all client interaction. Since volunteers are often working with clients , they need to help us document interactions as well. All volunteers are required to document any direct service complete with a client. If you are not willing to do this, you will not be able to volunteer with our program.  Please use the link for this purpose.




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