Welcoming Refugees Takes Patience, Compassion & Lots of Supplies!

Since opening our doors in 2009, CWS Greensboro has welcomed 678 refugees on 301 cases! During that time we’ve been blessed to observe incredible progress as hundreds of new comers learn English, start jobs, grow families and learn new skills. The families that have joined our community in the past three years have enriched the lives of our staff and our city with their talents, determination, perspective and grace. Welcoming all these families of course takes plenty of time, compassion, humor, support — and a whole lot of supplies.

kits wide

Cleaning Kits put together by local school group in 2011

Yesterday, in partnership with Whole Foods of Friendly Center, we came a long way toward making that process just a little easier. With your support through shopping during Whole Foods’ 5% Day, we raised enough money to buy 100 pillows, 100 sheet sets, 100 towels and enough cleaning supplies, trash bins, shower curtains, and toiletries to stock 50 homes for new arrivals with essentials. Not too shabby for a rainy week day in the middle of January!

In 2013, CWS expects to receive around 250 newly arrived refugees who will mostly come with little more than a small bag on their backs. We will set up approximately 60 new homes this year, stocking each with everything from beds and tables and couches to shower curtains, cooking oil and sponges.

Hope Chapel volunteers unload donations from their furniture drive.

Hope Chapel volunteers unload donations from their furniture drive.

We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out yesterday to support us and to everyone who has donated their time and supplies over the years as well as to Whole Foods for their continued support of our programs. If you’d like to stay involved, please consider helping us reach our housing goals. Though we have some of our supplies covered, we are still raising money for bigger ticket items like warm blankets, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, car seats and the like with $4,500 left to raise.  We can also use your time (volunteers for household set up are in high demand and short supply!) as well as your gently used home items such as dishes, silver wear, working vacuum cleaners, pots and pans in good condition, professionally dry cleaned or new blankets, and furniture items. Teams can help put together cleaning kits or organize supplies as well. Give us a call at 336-617-0381 or email sivory@churchworldservice.org.


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