Congratulations to our newest citizens!!

Sekou pic


Sekou passes his Citizenship Exam!

Sekou and his four children resettled to the United States in 2004 from Liberia. Sekou accounts that he and his family enjoy living in Greensboro. All of his children attend school, and are doing well with hopes of higher education one day.

After failing to pass the written portion of the Citizenship Exam on his first try, Sekou succeeded in passing his exam on Monday, December 3rd. After a full year of diligent studying and regular tutoring at Church World Service, his dedication and incredible patience has paid off. Sekou participated in an Oath Ceremony on December 6th, where he officially met his goal and dream of becoming a citizen of the United States.

Sekou is very grateful for all of the help he has received from Church World Service. He is happy to have had the opportunity to attend citizenship classes as well as individual tutoring. Sekou could not be more excited! He worked incessantly for months to gain his citizenship, and he is eager to begin reaping the benefits of his new status.

Biba pic











Biba Passes her citizenship exam!

Biba and her family moved all the way from Niger, to the United States in 1999, and have lived in Greensboro ever since. Biba heard about Church World Service from a friend in her English class at GTCC. Biba attended citizenship classes and participated in a tutoring group up until the time of her test date.

She passed her citizenship exam on November 7th and officially became a citizen of the United States on November 15th, when she participated in an Oath Ceremony at the USCIS office in Charlotte, NC. Biba’s husband became a citizen a few years ago. They now both share the same status as citizens of the United States. They could not be more excited, and even proudly display an American flag outside of their home in Greenboro.

Biba is so thankful to all of the people at Church World Service who have helped her along the way. In regards to citizenship classes and tutoring she says, “I like how they respect me and I like how it doesn’t matter if I don’t understand. They helped me with a lot. Thank you so much!” Biba plans to continue her education in hopes of earning her GED and one day entering the workforce as a highly educated citizen of the United States.

Elmo pic

Elmofaddal passes his Citizenship Exam!

Elmofaddal came to Church World Service just a few months before his Naturalization interview. He attended tutoring at CWS three times per week up until the day of his citizenship exam in early December. Elmofaddal has demonstrated great dedication in his studies, as he spent many hours practicing at home as well as all of the time spent in his tutoring group. He has showed an unbelievable drive to meet his goal of gaining citizenship in the United States.

On December 3rd, Elmofaddal finally saw the fruits of all of his hard work come to pass. He passed his citizenship exam, and on Thursday, December 6th participated in an Oath Ceremony, where he officially became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Elmofaddal and his family are very excited about this new development and are enthusiastic about what this means for their family in the coming years. They are grateful for all of the help Elmofaddal has received from Church World Service, and plan to continue receiving services until everyone in the family becomes naturalized.



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