CWS Director Recognized by Triad Business Journal

CWS Director Sarah Ivory received Triad Business Journal's "Top 40 Under 40" award.

On February 17th CWS Greensboro Immigration and Refugee Program Director Sarah Ivory was proud to represent the good work of her organization at the annual Triad Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 Leaders,  awards banquet. Nominated by long time volunteer Marty Halyburton, Ivory was recognized for her contributions and leadership to the communities of the Triad, largely through her work with Church World Service and with the growing Refugee and Immigrant Network of Guilford.

Since opening CWS’ Greensboro office in March 2009, Ms. Ivory has lead a tremendous team of dedicated employees and volunteers, expanding the office’s services to include an innovative cultural orientation program, comprehensive citizenship preparation services and a new computer lab.

When asked in the interview process what she loves most about her job, she wrote “Refugees have fled from some of the most horrible atrocities humans have ever committed against one another; they have often spent years and even decades denied peace and freedom with no reason to hope for a better future. For those very few who are given the opportunity to begin anew in the United States, the path to get here is long and trying and the mere fact that they are able to get out of bed every day – let alone do so with hope and determination for a better future – is deeply inspiring. Having the opportunity to work with newcomers means being surrounded day in and day out by people for whom the promise of America still feels palpable and possible, by people who truly believe in the power of individuals and communities to overcome all odds. What could ever compare with that?”

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